List of Committees


Name of Committee / Board / Working Groups / Task Forces


Standing Committee

Disaster Management Committee


i) A.G.

ii) Sr. D.A.G (Admn.)

iii) A.O. (OM)

iv) Secretary to AG

v) Welfare Officer

Committee for Redressal of Complaints Regarding Sexual Harassment of Working Women Employees in the office.


i) Director (Admn) O/o Pr. Director of Audit , S.Rly (Lady Officer) Chairperson

ii) Sr. A.O. (Lady Officer)

iii) Sr. A.O. (Male Officer)

iv) Sr. Accountant (Lady)

v) An NGO (Lady)

(4 members are ladies)

Committee in the of SC/ST Cell


i) A.G.

ii) Sr.D.A.G.(Admn.) Liaison Officer

iii) Sr. A.O. (Admn.)

iv) Senior Accountant

The Managing Committee of AG's Office Departmental Canteen


I) Chairperson Sr.D.A.G.(Admn), O/o AG(A&E)

II) Hon. Secretary, Welfare Officer O/o AG(A&E)

III) Committee Members

1. Welfare Officer O/o AG (CA)

2. Sr.A.O.(Admn.) (Comml & SR Audit).  Other members of the committee are representatives from Audit Offices, Service Associations, Canteen Employees and from Staff side.

IT Steering Committee

AG (A&E)

Ex-officio Members

1.      Sr. D.A.G. (Admn.)

2.      Sr. D.A.G. (Pension)

3.      D.A.G.(Accounts)

4.      D.A.G. (Funds)

D.A.G. (CAP/CASS) from O/o Pr. A.G.(CA), Chennai

Working Groups

Deputation Committee


i) Sr.D.A.G.(Admn.)

ii) D.A.G.(Accounts)

iii) D.A.G.(Pension)

iv) D.A.G.(Funds)

Annual Transfer Committee for Divisional Accountants


i) D.A.G.(Accounts)

ii) Sr. D.A.G.(Admn.)

iii) D.A.G.(Funds)


Purchase Committee



1.  Senior Accounts Officer (TM)

2.  Senior Accounts Officer (PWC)

3.  Shri. T.K.Ganesan, A.A.O. / PWC II

4.  Smt. S. Uma Devi,S.O/Vigilance Cell

5.  Smt. R. Pushpa, A.A.O / Pen 14


1.     Senior Accounts Officer (Admn.)

2.     Asst. Accounts Officer (EDP Admn) / In Charge (EDP Admn)

3.     Asst. Accounts Officer (EDP Pension) / In Charge (EDP Pension)

4.     Asst. Accounts Officer (EDP Accounts) / In Charge (EDP Accounts)

5.     Asst. Accounts Officer (EDP Funds) / In Charge (EDP Funds)

6.  Asst. Accounts Officer (OM)

The Auction Committee for finalising the modalities for auction of unserviceable articles.


1.      Senior Accounts Officer

2.      2 Asst. Accounts Officers

Working Group to Study the effects on the maintenance of Accounts consequent to implementation of e-governance by Commissioner of Treasuries and Accounts


i.                    D.A.G.(Accounts)

ii.                  Sr. A.O.s and A.A.O.s from Accounts branch

Working Group to maintain this office Website

i.                    A.A.O., EDP (Admn.)

ii.                  A.A.O., EDP (VLC)

iii.                A.A.O. EDP (Funds)

iv.                 Gowri Sundaresh  S.O.(Adhoc) for Pension group

v.                   Sr. A.O. / OM

vi.                 A.A.O. / OM

Report submission to AG each month.

Implementation of provisions under Public Records Act


i.                    Sr. D.A.G.(Admn.) – Chairperson

ii.                  Admn. Branch – Sr. D.A.G.(Admn.) assisted by Sr. A.O. (Admn.), Sr. A.O.(Claims), PA and Sr.A.O.(OM) plus one AAO/ASO under the group nominated by Sr. A.O.

iii.                Pension Branch – D.A.G.(Pension) assisted by Sr. A.O.(PM) plus one AAO/ASO under the group nominated by Sr. A.O.

iv.                 Funds Branch – D.A.G.(Funds) assisted by Sr. A.O.(FM) plus one AAO/ASO under the group nominated by Sr. A.O.

v.                   Accounts Branch – D.A.G.(Accounts) assisted by Sr. A.O.(TM) plus one AAO/ASO under the group nominated by Sr. A.O.

vi.    Secretary to AG – Secretary of Group Officers committee.

Task Force

Implementation of Perspective Plan 2003-2008:

Task Force to improve the quality and enhance transparency of Government Accounts

i.                    Sr.A.O. (TM )

ii.                  A.A.O. / (TM )

iii.                A.A.O. / (DCM)

iv.                 A.A.O. / Book

v.                   A.A.O. / AAD

Committee to review and oversee the destruction of all time barred records relating to GPF cases and Pension cases

  1. Sr.D.A.G. (Pension)
  2. D.A.G. (Funds)
  3. Smt. R. Rukmani, Sr. A.O. / Pen 30
  4. Smt. N. Sasikala, A.A.O/E.V
  5. Smt. J. Gowri, A.A.O./GPF 39
  6. Shri S. Balasubramaniam SO / TRS

      7 Shri G. Ramadoss, SO (Adhoc),        Pension Library

Special Committee for Modular Furniture and Relaying Tiled Floor

1.                    Smt. Vijayalakshmi Kolandaivel, A.O.(Funds)

2.                    Shri. M. Sudhakaran, A.A.O. / E.I, Section

3.                   Shri.S.Bakthavatchalam, A.A.O. / OM Section

4.                    Smt. N. Sasikala, A.A.O. / E.V Section

5.                     Shri. R. Viswanathan, A.A.O. Book Section

Committee for selection of Vendors for Networking and Consolidation of servers for the Data Center of this office

  1. Sr. D.A.G. (Admn.), O/o AG (C&RA) TN
  2. Sr. D.A.G. (Admn.)
  3. A.A.O. EDP (Admn.)